1 Of the Girls is 1 Of the Girls' self-titled debut album that was released in 1993 by EastWest Records America.


  1. Ain't Giving Up Nothing 4:30
  2. Do Da What 5:11
  3. Talkin' Loud 4:02
  4. No Can Do 3:47
  5. Handle With Care 5:11
  6. Sorry Didn't Do It 6:41
  7. Gotta Go 4:43
  8. When We Kiss 4:54
  9. Giving The Best Of My Love 5:48
  10. Will You Be Mine 5:19
  11. I Don't Want Your Man 4:12

Critical ReceptionEdit

Andrew Hamilton of AllMusic said: "The sweet singing is pretty but gets tiresome on ramblers "Handle With Care," and "Gotta Go." However, he praised the songs "Giving The Best of My Love" and "Will You Be Mine", saying, "the two best songs are at the end of the CD."

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