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This article is incomplete! Once complete, this template can be removed.

When writing an article, it is critical to get the right information, and to have the correct formatting. In this writing guide, you will learn how to write an article. Credits go to Dragonknight86.

​ Step One (Getting Started)

The first steps can sometimes be the most difficult. But it's a simple process. First, click Contribute, and then choose Add a Page. Add the title, and click Add a Page. (NOTE: It is wise to click Blank Page before beginning your page construction).

Step Two (Foundation)

Now you have a blank page ready to be built up, but first, you'll need a template. Since this article is a Studio Album, we'll use the template {{Album}} to start our foundation of the page.

     |title = Pendulum
     |image = CCR_Pendulum.jpg
     |release date = December 15, 1970
     |studio = Wally Heider Studios
     |genre = Roots Rock, Blues Rock, Swamp Rock, Country Rock
     |length = 40:56
     |label = Fantasy
     |producer = John Fogerty
     |previous = ''[[Cosmo's Factory]]''
     |next = ''[[Mardi Gras]]''


This will translate into:

Now that our template is done, we need to begin putting information in the page.

Step Three (Pouring the Concrete)

So now that we have our template "foundation"  made, it's time to bulk up the page. Make sure the information you have is credible. (Note: Wikipedia can be credible Only If the information has references).

Once you have found the information you are using, write in the article. This what your article should look like so far:

Pendulum is the sixth album by Creedence Clearwater Revival, released by Fantasy Records on December 15, 1970, their second album release of that year. A single from the album, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"/"Hey Tonight", was released in January 1971.