All I Need is Jack Wagner's debut studio album that was released in 1984 by Qwest Records.


  1. Premonition 3:15
  2. What You Don't Know 3:32
  3. Whenever Hearts Collide 3:39
  4. Fighting The Nights 3:06
  5. All I Need 3:29
  6. Make Me Believe It 3:01
  7. Sneak Attack 3:15
  8. After The Fact 4:05
  9. Tell Him (That You Won't Go) 2:43
  10. Lady Of My Heart 4:02

Chart PerformanceEdit

"All I Need" peaked at #44 on the Billboard 200.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Allmusic wrote: "While the production is as dated as one would expect, the songs themselves still sound viable and fresh."

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