Annette On Campus is an album by Annette Funicello featuring The Wellingtons and The All American Chorus which was released in 1964 by Buena Vista Records.


  1. Fight On Pennsylvania
  2. Far Above Cayuga's Waters
  3. On, Brave Old Army Team
  4. Navy Blue And Gold
  5. Yale Boola
  6. The Whiffenpoof Song
  7. The Victory March
  8. On Wisconsin
  9. The Victors
  10. Hail To The Orange
  11. Minnesota Rouser
  12. Go U Northwestern
  13. Halls Of Ivy
  14. Fight On For Old S. C.
  15. Fight For California
  16. By The Old Pacific
  17. Bow Down To Washington
  18. Come Join The Band
  19. Ramblin' Wreck From Georgia Tech
  20. Yea, Alabama
  21. Washington And Lee Swing
  22. Ora Lei
  23. The Eyes Of Texas