Another Side is Corbin Bleu's debut studio album that was released on May 1, 2007 by Hollywood Records.


  1. Deal With It 3:03
  2. Stop (featuring J-King) 3:24
  3. Roll With You 2:59
  4. She Could Be 3:26
  5. I Get Lonely 3:35
  6. We Come To Party 3:04
  7. Mixed Up 2:54
  8. Still There For Me 3:39
  9. Marchin' 3:02
  10. Never Met A Girl Like You 3:40
  11. Homework (featuring J-King) 2:58
  12. Push It To The Limit 3:16

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Another Side" debuted at #36 on the Billboard 200, selling about 18,000 copies during its first week.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Marisa Brown of Allmusic wrote that Bleu's voice is "decent in its own right, though not spectacular, and fits the kind of pop/R&B that's being churned out in spades, but Bleu isn't able to give himself much of an identity or personality beyond that."

Brown also called the album is "so generic and produced it doesn't even do that. And with that one objective failed, Another Side loses its own purpose completely."

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