Anything Is Possible is Debbie Gibson's third studio album which was released on November 20, 1990 by Atlantic Records.



  1. Another Brick Falls 3:55
  2. Anything Is Possible 3:44
  3. Reverse Psychology 4:25
  4. One Step Ahead 4:51
  5. Stand Your Ground 3:48
  6. Deep Down 4:52
  7. It Must've Been My Boy 4:19
  8. Lead Them Home My Dreams 5:32

Mood Swings

  1. One Hand, One Heart 4:35
  2. Sure 4:17
  3. Negative Energy 3:40
  4. Mood Swings 3:52
  5. Try 4:07
  6. In His Mind 3:33
  7. Where Have You Been? 6:07
  8. This So-Called Miracle 7:28

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Anything Is Possible" peaked at #41 on the Billboard 200, making it Gibson's first album not to reach the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. It also sold few copies than her previous albums: "Out of the Blue" & "Electric Youth."

Despite that, the album was eventually was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

In Japan, it became Gibson's most successful, reaching #5 and achieving Gold status. The album was released in March 1991 in the United Kingdom, but stalled at #69.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Alex Anderson of Allmusic wrote: "Though some of the material is fairly decent (including "Another Brick Fall" and the Madonna-ish "It Must've Been My Boy"), most of it is pedestrian, homogenized and quite forgettable."

Gina Arnold of Entertainment Weekly gave the album a "B", writing in her review that Gibson has "a full command of synth-driven, forget-yourself-on-the-dance-floor idiom, for instance, and in a couple of numbers even dips into a white-bread form of New Kids-like rap."

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