Artpop is Lady Gaga's third studio album that was released on November 6, 2013 by Interscope Records.


  1. Aura - 3:55
  2. Venus - 3:53
  3. G.U.Y. - 3:52
  4. Sexxx Dreams - 3:34
  5. Jewels N' Drugs - 3:48
  6. Manicure - 3:19
  7. Do What U Want (featuring R. Kelly) - 3:47
  8. Artpop - 4:07
  9. Swine - 4:28
  10. Donatella - 4:24
  11. Fashion! - 3:59
  12. Mary Jane Holland - 4:37
  13. Dope - 3:41
  14. Gypsy - 4:08
  15. Applause - 3:32

Album Background

Chart Performance

Critical Reception

"Artpop" received mixed response from music critics.

Metacritic calculated an average score of 61 out of 100, based on 30 reviews from reviewers.

Adam Markovitz from Entertainment Weekly stated that many of the album's songs were "enjoyable but well-worn", further commending the execution of the album and the "melodic lines" of the songs. However, he noted that the album generally failed to make an overall impression.

Jerry Shriver, writing for USA Today, opined that the record was not "consistently entertaining", though admitted that the album was mostly intended for Gaga's fans and not for general listeners.

Slant Magazine's Sal Cinquemani provided a favorable review, praising its sounds and structures.

Jason Lipshutz from Billboard commended Gaga's effort to make "absolutely certain that every inch of her craft evolves and innovates".

In a positive review, an editor of The Daily Beast declared that "there were moments of expected genius on it worthy of Grammy consideration."

Robert Copsey from Digital Spy felt that several songs sounded like "half-finished plagues", though suggesting that the album had more good songs than bad tracks.

Helen Brown, writing in The Daily Telegraph, criticized Gaga's choice to do another album "themed around her own stardom" (after The Fame and The Fame Monster), and commented that although Gaga approached different genres of music, "she doesn't do anything wildly original with them, but she has fun". Brown however praised the album as "great for dancing".

Alexis Petridis from The Guardian suggested there was "some decent pop" on Artpop but thought the art was "rather harder to discern".

The Independent's Andy Gill commented, "It's hard not to feel underwhelmed by Artpop."

Caryn Ganz from Rolling Stone called it "a bizarre album of squelchy disco" and "sexual but not sexy."

Some journalists felt that the more mixed response from critics in comparison to Gaga's previous work was unfair and stemmed from a focus on the singer herself and not purely on the album's content.

Nick Messitte of Forbes criticized music critics, denouncing their reviews as being "incoherent" and focusing on the "artist over the art itself," accusing them of "bend[ing] over backwards to mention everything else before the music". He summarized that Artpop "delivers a welcome departure from standardized verse-chorus structures" and is ultimately a "bold" effort.

Ed Potton of The Times concurred, stating that "It's a wonder you can hear Lady Gaga's third studio album over the sound of knives being sharpened" following her previous album "Born This Way", a work he felt "Artpop" "was far superior to."

Robert Christgau, writing for The Barnes & Noble Review, claimed that the record's "critical reaction [was] clueless", ultimately naming Artpop "2013's most underrated album".