Back to Then is Darius Rucker's debut solo studio album that was released on July 30, 2002 by Hidden Beach Recordings.


  1. Wild One 3:38
  2. Exodus 4:11
  3. Sometimes I Wonder (featuring Jill Scott) 4:14
  4. Back To Then 4:58
  5. This Is My World 5:05
  6. I'm Glad You're Mine 3:05
  7. Butterfly 4:31
  8. Hold On 4:06
  9. Ten Years 3:56
  10. One More Night 4:17
  11. Amazing Grace (Interlude) 0:48
  12. Somewhere 3:41
  13. Sleeping In My Bed (featuring Snoop Dogg) 4:43

Chart Performance[]

"Back to Then" peaked at #127 on the Billboard 200.

Critical Reception[]

William Ruhlmann of Allmusic wrote: "Back to Then is not an ideal showcase for that voice, but it is a good one, and it may earn the singer a whole new audience."

People magazine wrote: "Despite this and a few other missteps—including an uninspired contemporary Christian number preceded by an a cappella bit of “Amazing Grace”—give Rucker credit for at least temporarily moving beyond that Hootie sound."

Jim Farber of Entertainment Weekly gave the album a "C", writing that Rucker's "resonating tone is intact, but the music is dull, adult R&B — closer to soggy Brian McKnight than pert Fleetwood Mac."