Be is BTS' fifth Korean-language (ninth overall) studio album which was released on November 20, 2020 through Big Hit Entertainment and Columbia Records.

Album Background[]

BTS released their fourth Korean-language studio album, "Map of the Soul: 7" in February 2020, to critical and commercial acclaim. In support of the album, the band was slated to begin their fourth worldwide concert tour, Map of the Soul Tour in April 2020, which was eventually postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 17, 2020, RM confirmed that the band was working on a new album during a live broadcast on YouTube. He hinted that they would be sharing the preparation process of the forthcoming album through subsequent self-documented videos as part of their "StayConnected" and "CarryOn" initiative to interact with the fans during the lockdown.

On April 24, Suga teased the album in another broadcast: "Before we started, we decided who was in charge of what. Who would oversee everything, who would oversee the visuals, who would oversee the music—we split that up. We discussed it amongst ourselves and made the decision."

During a YouTube livestream on May 1, Jimin revealed that he was assigned as the music project manager and admitted that the forthcoming album would be written and produced by the members. Talking about his role, Jimin explained, "I don’t know yet how exactly I will proceed, but I am working hard in order to be of help. As PM, what I can do now is ask the members how they want to work, what story they want to tell, how many songs they want to do, what style of song, what the composition will be, which members will be suitable for what, and communicate this to the label."

On May 7, V, J-Hope and RM revealed that V had been assigned the role of visual project manager whilst discussing the album concept, jacket photos and styling during the broadcast. On June 16, Jimin revealed about the writing and recording sessions for the album. On August 13, Big Hit Entertainment held a corporate briefing where the agency confirmed that BTS' new album would be released in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Speaking about the album in an interview with Teen Vogue, BTS stated: "An increase of direct participation in the album-making process allowed us to explore more aspects of our music and creativity. Because all the members are involved in the album somehow, there are more last minute changes being made than before, which leads to more uncertainties surrounding the finalization of the release date."

According to a press release, the album "imparts a message of healing to the world by declaring, 'Even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on'", and "reflects the thoughts, emotions and deepest ruminations of BTS while working on the album. This new project offers an even richer musical spectrum experience as well as the most 'BTS-ish' music yet."


  1. Life Goes On 3:27
  2. 내 방을 여행하는 법 3:42
  3. Blue & Grey 4:15
  4. Skit 3:00
  5. 잠시 3:22
  6. 병 4:00
  7. Stay 3:25
  8. Dynamite 3:19

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