Best of Hilary Duff is Hilary Duff's first greatest hits album which was released on November 11, 2008 by Hollywood Records.


  1. Reach Out 4:15
  2. Holiday 4:06
  3. Stranger 4:14
  4. With Love 3:06
  5. Play With Fire 3:02
  6. Wake Up 3:40
  7. Fly 3:45
  8. Come Clean (Remix) 3:20
  9. So Yesterday 3:36
  10. Why Not 4:00
  11. Reach Out (Remix) 6:17
  12. Holiday (Remix) 4:09

Album Background[]

Hilary Duff confirmed that she had collaborated with a rapper called Prophet on a previously unheard song on the Dignity tour's set list, "Reach Out" in September 2007.

In an interview with remix producer Joe Bermudez in November 2007, she said that Dignity would be re-released in a CDVU+ edition featuring remixes of the original songs alongside two new tracks: "Reach Out" and "Holiday".

Duff said she hoped to write a third new song for the re-release, and to have "Holiday" released as its first or second single.

However, Hollywood Records scrapped the plans, adding to their large list of cancelations, which in turn led Duff to make the decision to leave the label and develop "Best of Hilary Duff" to quickly end her contract, which had expected one more album

Unlike her first compilation album Most Wanted" (which was advertised as strictly a compilation), "Best of Hilary Duff" was strictly advertised as a greatest hits, making it her first.

Chart Performance[]

On November 29th 2008," Best of Hilary Duff" debuted at #125 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 5,500 copies in its first week of release in the United States, making it her least successful album to date.

Many people believe this was due to a lack of promotion from her record label at the time Hollywood Records and her change in sound of music which many believe resulted in Duff losing some of her younger fans; this is her first album to not to receive any RIAA certifications.

As of September 2012, the album has sold over 35,000 copies in the United States alone.

Critical Reception[]

"Best of Hilary Duff" received mostly mixed reviews from critics.

Allmusic gave it a positive review stating that the album "is a flipside of her 2005's Most Wanted", which was "pitched squarely at bright, happy tweens". They also went on to say the album "is not a look back at the past but a blueprint for the future." They gave the album a 3.5/5 star rating.

Commonsensemedia said that "parents need to know that Miss Duff has turned up the heat with sexually provocative lyrics that may be too hot to handle for younger fans. Hilary Duff isn't for tweens anymore. The hit single "Reach Out" features more aggressive sexual lyrics than on previous albums. While Dignity was OK for 11-year-olds, the Best Of compilation pushes the target age higher. The funky remixes and danceable electronic beats are fun and catchy, but the sexed-up lyrics and themes aren't intended for younger fans."

Rachel Devitt of Rhapsody said the collection "is largely pleasant, nicely polished and, rather surprisingly, sleek and even a little edgy. Turns out Lizzie McGuire is a dancefloor diva, and even with that feathery little voice, she manages to work it on tracks like the dark "Stranger," saucy new tune "Reach Out" and a clubby remix of "Dignity."