Blue is LeAnn Rimes' debut studio album that was released on July 9, 1996 by Curb Records.


  1. Blue 2:47
  2. Hurt Me 2:53
  3. One Way Ticket (Because I Can) 3:42
  4. My Baby 2:49
  5. Honestly 3:21
  6. The Light In Your Eyes 3:20
  7. Talk To Me 3:11
  8. I'll Get Even With You 3:18
  9. Cattle Call 3:07
  10. Good Lookin' Man 3:11
  11. Fade To Blue 3:03

Chart Performance[]

"Blue" debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 with 123,000 copies sold in the week ending of July 27, 1996. In its second week, the album peaked at #3 on the chart with 129,500 copies sold.

Critical Reception[]

"Blue" was met with some positive reviews from critics.

Allmusic rated it four out of five stars. Shawn M. Haney, who reviewed the album, called it "a glorious free-for-all of sassy pick-me-up country" and stated that "perhaps people of any age or style of interest will feel youthful again after a good listen and a half."

Similarly, Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B+ and stated that "such raw, old-fashioned country music, with such a big, twangy, sexy voice at the center, wouldn't be making such a stir in bland '90s Nashville if LeAnn Rimes weren't 13. In other words, the hype machine has inadvertently coughed up a gem."

Los Angeles Times gave the album two-and-a-half stars out of four and said that "Rimes displays the unbridled power and freshness you'd expect from a teenager. In an ideal world, she'd bring all that to bear on songs that tap her youthful zeal. Instead, too many on this major-label debut require a level of experience that's clearly beyond her years. There's no question Rimes has been blessed with a magnificent voice. Let's hope she'll be given a few years--say, at least until she's out of high school--to let her natural talent mature."

However, in his Consumer Guide, Robert Christgau gave the album a "neither" score and said that it "may impress once or twice with consistent craft or an arresting track or two. Then it won't."