Brenda K. Starr is Brenda K. Starr's self-titled second studio album that was released by MCA Records on July 28, 1987.


  1. Breakfast In Bed 4:02
  2. You Should Be Loving Me 5:13
  3. What You See Is What You Get 5:18
  4. I Still Believe 3:50
  5. Giving You All My Love 5:31
  6. Over And Over 3:58
  7. Straight From The Heart 4:56
  8. Drive Another Girl Home 4:32
  9. All Tied Up 4:38

Chart Performance[]

"Brenda K. Starr" peaked at #58 on the Billboard 200.

Critical Reception[]

Justin Kantor of Allmusic called the album "a generally consistent effort with a few uninspired moments." He also wrote that it "embodies the both the good and bad aspects of late '80s synth-driven dance pop" and that the set is "bright and zesty with irresistible hooks and danceable rhythms ("What You See Is What You Get") or passionately dramatic and heartfelt ("I Still Believe")."