Easy Come Easy Go is George Strait's 14th studio album which was released by MCA Records on September 28, 1993.


  1. Stay Out Of My Arms 2:35
  2. Just Look At Me 3:08
  3. Easy Come, Easy Go 3:02
  4. I'd Like To Have That One Back 3:51
  5. Lovebug 2:50
  6. I Wasn't Fooling Around 3:00
  7. Without Me Around 3:26
  8. The Man In Love With You 3:22
  9. That's Where My Baby Feels At Home 2:44
  10. We Must Be Loving Right 3:34

Chart Performance[]

"Easy Come Easy Go" peaked at #5 on the Billboard 200 and #2 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.

Critical Reception[]

Allmusic's Charlotte Dillon wrote that Strait "mixes the standards of traditional country, a bit of good ol' honky tonk, along with just a tiny little taste of pop and Texas swing to offer up some really worth-a-listen tunes" and called it "a fantastic addition to any country collection, especially a George Strait one."

Entertainment Weekly gave the album a "B-", writing: "On his latest, Mr. Laid-Back has got it down to proven formula-three Texas shuffles, one melt-to-a-puddle love song (”Just Look at Me”), a sly tribute to Buck Owens (”Lovebug”), and two once- around-the-ballroom numbers. So where’s the risk? Where’s the creative growth? ”Pure Country”? Also pure science."