Everything Is 4 is Jason Derulo's fourth studio album that was released on May 29, 2015 by Beluga Heights and Warner Bros. Records.


  1. Want To Want Me
  2. Cheyenne
  3. Get Ugly
  4. Pull Up
  5. Love Like That (featuring K Michelle)
  6. Painkiller (featuring Meghan Trainor)
  7. Broke (featuring Stevie Wonder & Keith Urban)
  8. Try Me (featuring Jennifer Lopez & Matoma)
  9. Love Me Down
  10. Trade Hearts (featuring Julia Michaels)
  11. X2CU

Album Background[]

The first song produced for the album was the first single, "Want to Want Me", which Derulo has decided to make single after listening it to with several friends.

For the song "Painkiller", in collaboration with Meghan Trainor, Derulo revealed that he decided to make this collaboration after meeting the singer backstage at a couple of shows.

The collaboration with Stevie Wonder in "Broke" was born during a dinner at the White House.

Derulo explained the significance of the title saying: "It's called Everything is 4 because it's my fourth album, but there are also other meanings. All happens for a reason, everything is for my mom, everything is for my fans. Everything is for myself to prove that I can do it. Everything is for the future. I could go on, but in the end the meaning is "Everything happens for a reason". Then there is also the meaning of the number 4: a chair has four legs, a table even. They are also 4 seasons, representing change. So 4 is a number that follows us everywhere. 4 is symmetrical. Then, Everything is 4."

Chart Performance[]

"Everything is 4" debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200, selling 22,000 copies. During its second week of sales, it dramatically dropped to #23 on the Billboard 200, selling 6,000 copies.

By its third week of sales, the album had dropped to #39 on the Billboard 200. It also peaked at #10 on the Canadian Albums Chart, selling 2,500 copies.

As of June 2016, "Everything is 4" had sold 80,000 copies.

Critical Reception[]

On Metacritic, "Everything is 4" received an average score of 67 (which indicates "generally favorable reviews) based on 9 reviews.

Spin magazine wrote that the album "proves he’s a workhorse, with possibly even (gulp) a vision."

The New York Times wrote: "Everything Is 4 is his second strong album in a row.... Here, Mr. Derulo is a shameless collaborator, a gleeful regurgitator of styles, and one of the most surprisingly savvy decision makers in pop."

Billboard wrote that "some songs give him newfound definition, but then others distract from it."

Pitchfork wrote in their review: "For all its blatantly ill-conceived moments, there's something charming about the sheer audacity of Derulo's often bizarre choices. Even when it falls flat, there is character here."