Expectations is Bebe Rexha's debut studio album that was released on June 22, 2018 by Warner Bros. Records.


  1. Ferrari 3:32
  2. I'm A Mess 3:15
  3. 2 Souls On Fire (featuring Quavo) 2:50
  4. Shining Star 3:06
  5. Knees 3:26
  6. I Got You 3:11
  7. Self Control 2:54
  8. Sad 3:05
  9. Mine 2:51
  10. Steady (featuring Tory Lanez) 3:14
  11. Don't Get Any Closer 2:48
  12. Grace 3:16
  13. Pillow 3:36
  14. Meant To Be (with Florida Georgia Line) 2:43

Album BackgroundEdit

Following the release of her EP, "All Your Fault: Pt. 2," Bebe Rexha began teasing new songs for a third installment in the "All Your Fault" series with her manager going on record about its release.

However, the plans had changed and Rexha revealed on Twitter in November 2017 that her next project would be called "Expectations." She revealed the cover art on April 8, 2018 with the album being available for pre-order on April 13, 2018.

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Expectations" peaked at #13 on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold with sales of 500,000. It also peaked at #147 on Billboard's year-end chart for 2018.

Critical ReceptionEdit

According to Metacritic, "Expectations" received an average score of 65 based on six reviews (indicating "generally favorable reviews").

AllMusic's Neil Z. Yeung viewed the album as "an improvement upon her trio of EP releases that succeeds in presenting mature, forward-thinking pop of the dark, introspective variety" and concluded: "While it could benefit from some tightening – the middle stretch stalls the momentum – Expectations affirms Rexha's songwriting prowess, ear for catchy hooks, and ability to pull emotion from otherwise serviceable radio pop".

Craig Jenkins from Vulture referred to the album as "a showcase for the versatility of her instrument, which is both high and hearty and also a little wan, capable of hitting incredible marks in its upper register at the cost of coming in a little shrill". He especially praised album's intriguing ideas, playful lyrics and memorable hooks, dubbing it "one of the week's easiest pleasures".

Ilana Kaplan and Nick Hasted from The Independent highlighted album's ballads "Grace" and "Knees", describing Expectations as "album full of flawed, self-deprecating and boundary-pushing pop offerings".

Idolator's Mike Nied stated that the album "perfectly captures the superstar's ethos" and that Rexha's "very recognizable voice is absolutely riveting." Nevertheless, he opined that the inclusion of "Meant to Be" "feels out of place", despite being "her biggest hit to date".

Nick Levine from NME perceived Rexha more as an "emo singer" while Refinery29's Courtney E. Smith described her as an "anti-hero" and a "dangerous woman fiercely playing with themes of depression, a lack of self-control, and unpredictability".

In addition, Smith expressed that Rexha "did a masterful job of painting a nihilistic scene in which she's an observer, and sometimes an unreliable narrator", but emphasized a lack of "autobiographical impression".

Rolling Stone's Sarah Grant wrote that on the album, Rexha "paints herself as a heroine trapped in an ivory tower of her own making, but her cat-scratching upper register suggests sensitivity more than vengeance", calling it "an impressive debut album full of nostalgic heartache".

Tommy Monroe from The Quietus stated that "a few tracks do do lack energy"; however, he described Rexha as "no ordinary singer" and "a chameleon who can switch vocals, blend with any sound, and find rhythm with any tempo."

In a less positive review, Laura Snapes of The Guardian criticized the overuse of Auto-Tune and Rexha's "desperate search of an identity" throughout the album, citing "Ferrari" as the "only remotely distinctive song".

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