Expectations is Hayley Kiyoko's debut studio album that was released on March 30, 2018 by Empire & Atlantic Records.


  1. Expectations (Overture) 1:52
  2. Feelings 3:36
  3. What I Need (featuring Kehlani) 3:39
  4. Sleepover 3:53
  5. Mercy / Gatekeeper 5:44
  6. Under The Blue / Take Me In 5:37
  7. Curious 3:03
  8. xx 0:51
  9. Wanna Be Missed 3:15
  10. He'll Never Love You (HNLY) 3:51
  11. Palm Dreams 5:14
  12. Molecules 4:10
  13. Let It Be 3:41

Chart Performance[]

"Expectations" peaked at #12 on the Billboard 200. It also debuted within the top 40 of record charts in Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Critical Reception[]

"Expectations" received generally positive reviews from music critics. Laura Snapes, writing for Pitchfork, gave the album a 6 out of 10 rating. She defines the album's best moments as those "trading in specificity rather than generic neediness, representing an experience that rarely finds an outlet in pop." She also, however, criticized the songwriting on the album, stating "it lacks that kind of songwriting consistency."

Snapes concludes her review by writing: "Kiyoko’s debut won’t blow past anyone’s expectations, but it contains just enough intrigue and individuality to sustain them for a second shot."

Neil Z. Yeung of AllMusic wrote, "sometimes, Expectations can be generic, like on "Sleepover" and "He'll Never Love You," [...] However, despite this occasional dip into indistinguishable pop territory, Kiyoko's debut hints at untapped potential from a fresh voice with a relatable perspective."

Emily Mackay of The Guardian reacted more positively, calling the album "sparklingly refreshing" and felt the album's ability to "[stay] true to idiosyncratic instinct has made Expectations feel more universal than a generic, play-it-safe debut." Mackay rated the album four starts out of five.

Lauren Mullineaux, writing for The 405, rated the album 8 out of 10, praising the album's LGBT themes. She noted Kiyoko as "the first unabashedly queer female normalising this in the mainstream on such a transparent, visible level; through her lyrics and her videos."

Mullineaux was also complimentary towards the album's "polished" production, as well as listing "Mercy/Gatekeeper", "Molecules", and "He'll Never Love You (HNLY)" as album highlights.

Sydney Gore of MTV described the album as "a full range of life experiences covered within these 13 tracks, marking the first chapter of an ongoing story that Hayley finally feels comfortable in sharing with the world."

Glenn Gamboa of praised the album, writing that "For Kiyoko, “Expectations” couldn’t be higher, but the music is so good she seems set to surpass even the loftiest ones."