Extraordinary Machine is Fiona Apple's third studio album that was released on October 4, 2005 by Epic Records.


  1. Extraordinary Machine 3:44
  2. Get Him Back 5:26
  3. O' Sailor 5:37
  4. Better Version Of Me 3:01
  5. Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song) 4:05
  6. Parting Gift 3:36
  7. Window 5:33
  8. Oh Well 3:42
  9. Please Please Please 3:35
  10. Red Red Red 4:08
  11. Not About Love 4:21
  12. Waltz (Better Than Fine) 3:46

Album Background

Delays & leaked tracks


Chart Performance

"Extraordinary Machine" peaked at #7 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Critical Reception

The official version of Extraordinary Machine was ranked number one on year-end top albums lists of Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times and Slant magazine; within the top five in The Village Voice, Blender magazine and Rolling Stone; and in the top ten in the Los Angeles Times and Spin magazine.

Some publications regarded the album less favorably; Stylus magazine described it as "a rudderless piece of work" and "a bitterly disappointing listen", Spin magazine stated "it's kinda been done", and noted Apple reined in the penchant to overwrite; and Pitchfork (which placed the leaked version of the album at number forty-six on their "Top 50 Albums of 2005" list) wrote: "The shame of it all is that Apple, after six years of silence, could've made a more definitive, progressive statement rather than something familiar and similar—and we've got the bootlegs to prove it".

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