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Ginger Baker's Air Force is the début album of Ginger Baker's Air Force, released in 1970. The album is a recording of a sold-out live show at the Royal Albert Hall, on 15 January 1970, with the original 11-piece line up.

Track listing

  1. "Da Da Man" (Harold McNair) – 7:16
    • Lead vocal by Jeanette Jacobs, organ solo by Stevie Winwood, guitar solo by Denny Laine, sax solo by Graham Bond.
  2. "Early in the Morning" (Traditional, arranged by Ginger Baker) – 11:13
    • Lead vocals by Ginger Baker & Denny Laine.
  3. "Don't Care" (Ginger, Steve Winwood) – 12:32
    • Lead vocals by Stevie Winwood & Jeanette Jacobs.
  4. "Toad" (Baker) – 12:59
    • Drum solos by Ginger Baker, Remi Kabaka & Phil Seamen.
  5. "Aiko Biaye" (Remi Kabaka, Teddy Osei) – 13:00
    • Lead Vocals by Graham Bond.
  6. "Man of Constant Sorrow" (Traditional, arranged by Denny Laine) – 3:50
    • Lead Vocal by Denny Laine, bass guitar by Stevie Winwood, violin by Ric Grech.
  7. "Do What You Like" (Baker) – 11:47
    • Lead vocal by Stevie Winwood.
  8. "Doin' It" (Baker) – 5:26
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