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Hold On 'til the Night is Greyson Chance's debut studio album that was released on August 2, 2011 by eleveneleven, Maverick Records, Streamline and Geffen Records.


  1. Waiting Outside The Lines 3:51
  2. Unfriend You 3:21
  3. Home Is In Your Eyes 3:30
  4. Hold On Til The Night 3:43
  5. Heart Like Stone 3:49
  6. Little London Girl 2:59
  7. Cheyenne 2:55
  8. Summertrain 4:32
  9. Stranded 3:44
  10. Take A Look At Me Now 3:36

Chart Performance

"Hold On 'til the Night" debuted at #29 on the Billboard 200, selling 16,185 copies during its first week.

Critical Reception

"Hold On 'til the Night" has received mixed to positive reviews.

Us Magazine rewarded the album with three stars and a positive review, claiming that Chance "outdoes himself with 10 originals".

Entertainment Weekly gave Chance a positive review as well by complimenting his mature voice, writing: "Chance reveals a surprisingly mature voice on 'Hold On 'Til the Night' ('Heart Like Stone' provides a welcome touch of outsider brooding), though the Facebook-spurred melodrama of 'Unfriend You' reminds listeners that he is, after all, just a kid." The overall grade for the album was a B.

John Terauds of the Toronto Star gave it three-and-a-half stars, writing: "The boy's debut 10-track album is a solid effort that owes a massive debt to the boy bands of the 1990s" and ended with, "This YouTube phenom is standing on solid artistic ground here."

Rolling Stone gave the album a two star review, stating that "the 13-year-old is anything but threatening on this potential blockbuster of a debut", however the Rolling Stone community gave the album four and a half stars.

NY Daily News also gave the album two stars explaining that "the singer's androgynous pitch — which lies well north of Justin Bieber's — limits his ability to make the CD's love songs credible for anyone over his own age".

Metacritic gave the album a 61 out of 100 based on 4 reviews.

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