I Hear A Symphony is The Supremes' eighth studio album that was released on February 18, 1966 by Motown Records.


  1. Stranger In Paradise 3:01
  2. Yesterday 2:26
  3. I Hear A Symphony 2:40
  4. Unchained Melody 3:47
  5. With A Song In My Heart 2:01
  6. Without A Song 2:58
  7. My World Is Empty Without You 2:33
  8. A Lover's Concerto 2:33
  9. Any Girl In Love (Knows What I'm Going Through) 2:58
  10. Wonderful, Wonderful 2:53
  11. Everything Is Good About You 2:57
  12. He's All I Got 2:45

Album BackgroundEdit

Positioned as a successful attempt to further bridge the gap between traditional pop music, the traditional Motown sound and soul, the album included the title track, the Supremes' sixth number-one single, and the Top Ten single "My World is Empty Without You".

Also included are the group's cover versions of pop standards such as "With a Song in My Heart", "Without a Song", "Stranger in Paradise" and "Wonderful! Wonderful!".

Originally, the Supremes recorded an entire album of pop standards called "There's a Place for Us", but it was left unreleased by Motown until 2004.

The album cover for "I Hear a Symphony" was the cover shot intended originally for "There's a Place For Us". When that album was eventually released in 2004, an alternate shot from that photo session was used.

Chart PerformanceEdit

"I Hear a Symphony" peaked at #8 on the Billboard 200 and topped Billboard's R&B Albums chart. According to Motown data, it has sold over 1,900,000 copies.

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