Identified is Vanessa Hudgens' second studio album that was released on July 1, 2008 by Hollywood Records.


  1. Last Night 3:10
  2. Identified 3:21
  3. First Bad Habit 3:03
  4. Hook It Up 2:52
  5. Don't Ask Why 3:10
  6. Sneakernight 2:59
  7. Amazed (featuring Lil' Mama) 3:00
  8. Don't Leave 3:08
  9. Paper Cut 2:48
  10. Party On The Moon 3:50
  11. Did It Ever Cross Your Mind 3:10
  12. Gone With The Wind 3:29

iTunes/Japanese album bonus tracks

  1. Vulnerable
  2. Committed
  3. Set It Off

Chart Performance[]

"Identified" peaked at #23 on the Billboard 200.

Critical Reception[]

"Identified" has received generally favorable reviews, having a 63 "metascore" based on 7 reviews.

Billboard said that the album "panders to the preteen demo with stop-start pop that ranges from pleasant (the title track) to dull ("Amazed") to off-putting ("Hook It Up"). But for little girls, this is one nonstop sing-along."

The New York Times said that "a handful of songs like this would have sufficed to help mature her image, and yet "Identified" is far more interesting and unexpected."

Blender gave it a three stars out of five, and claimed that her "voice was made to rip, and when she lets go just a little, the coyness turns sultry—proof that she might just have a life after high school."

Variety said that Identified "shows that the High School Musical veteran is definitely ready to graduate. The better parts of the album find her reaching for a more mature sound, but she hedges her bets with large portions of treacly teen-pop...The weakest link in most of the songs is Hudgens thin, piping voice."