Indigo is Chris Brown's 9th studio album that was released on June 28, 2019 by RCA Records.


  1. Indigo 3:13
  2. Back To Love 3:40
  3. Come Together 3:54
  4. Temporary Lover 3:17
  5. Emerald/Burgundy 6:39
  6. Red 3:38
  7. All I Want 3:34
  8. Wobble Up 3:41
  9. Need A Stack 5:29
  10. Heat 3:53
  11. No Guidance 4:21
  12. Girl Of My Dreams 3:22
  13. Natural Disaster/Aura 5:03
  14. Don't Check On Me 3:25
  15. Sorry Enough 4:25
  16. Juice 3:25
  17. You Like That 3:05
  18. Troubled Waters 3:13
  19. Take A Risk 3:33
  20. Lurkin' 2:49
  21. Trust Issues/Act In 4:59
  22. Cheetah 2:36
  23. Undecided 3:05
  24. BP/No Judgement 6:21
  25. Side N***a 3:56
  26. Throw It Back 3:07
  27. All On Me 3:51
  28. Sexy 4:18
  29. Early 2K 3:47
  30. Dear God 4:02
  31. Part Of The Plan 3:03
  32. Play Catch Up 3:01

Album Background[]

In December of 2017 (soon after releasing "Heartbreak on a Full Moon"), Brown revealed that he was already working on new songs teasing a "Michael Jackson-inspired" song on his Instagram profile, filming a video from his studio and playing the song supposedly called "Vampire Vibe."

In 2018, Brown posted various snippets of new unreleased songs, showing that he was working on a collaboration mixtape with Jacquees, on another collaboration mixtape with Joyner Lucas, and on his album, rumored to be called "Indigo" which he later said would be a 30-track album in reference to his 30th birthday.

In January of 2019, Brown announced a new deal with International global media and his label RCA Records, becoming one of the youngest artists to own his masters at the age of 29.

"Indigo" was announced as the first album on this deal, with the release of the first single "Undecided" on January 4, 2019.

He stated in an Instagram post that his new album would not be as lengthy as "Heartbreak on a Full Moon" and would focus on "energy, love, light, and happiness", saying that it reminds him of his previous albums: "Chris Brown", "Graffiti" and "F.A.M.E.."

He later previewed and released the second official single from the album, "Back to Love", on April 11, 2019, getting a positive response from fans and critics.

The following week, Brown released the third single from the album, "Wobble Up", featuring Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy, announcing that the album is expected to be released in June, also confirming a summer tour with Nicki Minaj.

In an announcement made on May 2, 2019, Brown announced the list of artists he had been working with for the album, including Nicki Minaj, Tory Lanez, Tyga, Justin Bieber, Juicy J, Juvenile, H.E.R, Tank, Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, Joyner Lucas, Gunna and Drake.

Some of these collaborations were surprising to the media, especially Drake, due to their public feud that lasted for several years. Brown later revealed the artwork of the album and its track list between May and June 2019.

On June 8, 2019, Brown released the song "No Guidance" featuring Drake as a single. It debuted at number nine on the US Billboard Hot 100, making it his 15th top-ten song, and becoming his highest charting song as a lead artist since his 2013 song, "Loyal" as well.

Album Artwork[]

The cover art for "Indigo" was revealed on May 14, 2019, along with the back cover.

The front cover artwork was designed by graffiti artist Saturno and features a purple-haired Chris Brown in space, surrounded by fictional monsters and flying saucers, while the back cover, designed by visual artist Jeff Cole, continues the supernatural theme with a levitating body over a pyramid.

Chart Performance[]

In the United States, "Indigo" debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 108,000 album-equivalent units (which included 28,000 pure album sales in its first week), making it his third number-one album in the country.

The album also accumulated 97.95 million on-demand audio streams in the United States for its track list of 32 songs.

In its second week, the album remained in the top ten and fell to number three, earning just under 50,000 album-equivalent units. In its third week, it dropped to number five on the chart, earning 42,000 album-equivalent units that week.

In Australia, the album opened at number three on the ARIA Albums Chart, becoming Brown's sixth top-ten album in the country.

In the United Kingdom, the album debuted at number seven on the UK Albums Chart, making it Brown's seventh top-ten album on the chart.

Critical Reception[]

"Indigo" received mixed reviews from critics.

Trent Clark of HipHopDX praised the album for its nostalgic sound and the numerous collaborations, especially with H.E.R. and Drake, but criticized its perceived disorganization as well as for the album's long duration.

In a positive review, Urban Islandz wrote that "The "No Guidance" singer has already proven himself to have the Midas touch when it comes to making hit records and that’s why artists from all over the music industry clamor to get a Chris Brown feature."

Andy Kellman of AllMusic stated that "Not quite as extravagant as the preceding Heartbreak on a Full Moon, Chris Brown's tenth album is merely two hours in length. That still allows more than enough space for the singer to sufficiently cover each one of his modes. Pleasure-seeking club tracks, entitled slow jams, tormented ballads, and yearning pop-R&B love songs -- the last of which still match up best with his voice, virtually unchanged during the last decade -- are all plentiful."

Alexa Camp of Slant Magazine stated that "Indigo is lean compared to 2017's interminable 45-track Heartbreak on a Full Moon, but the album's lumbering pace and homogeneity overshadow even its few gems."