It's About Time is the Jonas Brothers' debut studio album that was released on August 8, 2006 through Columbia Records' Daylight Records imprint.


  1. What I Go To School For
  2. Time For Me To Fly
  3. Year 3000
  4. One Day At A Time
  5. 6 Minutes
  6. Mandy
  7. You Just Don't Know It
  8. I Am What I Am
  9. Underdog
  10. 7:05
  11. Please Be Mine

Chart Performance[]

After Columbia Records dropped the Jonas Brothers from their roster list, they signed with Hollywood Records.

Hollywood Records received the rights to distribute the single "Year 3000" which was also released on the group's first album on the label.

The album also managed to sell 67,000 copies in the United States.

Critical Reception[]

Allmusic gave the album a four-in-a-half star rating, writing that the Jonas Brothers are "a likeable bunch of kids singing likeable, ingratiating melodies that are perhaps a little too sweet but are still irresistible -- a little bit like a Hostess Cup Cake."