It's Only Time is Drake Bell's second studio album that was released on December 5, 2006 by Universal Motown.


  1. Up Periscope 3:15
  2. I Know 3:45
  3. Do What You Want 3:25
  4. It's Only Time 3:59
  5. Found A Way (Acoustic) 3:02
  6. Makes Me Happy 2:07
  7. Fool The World 4:42
  8. Fallen For You 3:16
  9. Rusted Silhouette 3:08
  10. Break Me Down 2:06
  11. End It Good 1:45

Chart Performance[]

"It's Only Time" peaked at #81 on the Billboard 200 and #21 on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart.

Critical Reception[]

"It's Only Time" received positive reviews with critics praising Bell's performance and songwriting. The album has also been noted for its heavy Beatles influence.

Allmusic wrote in its review of the album: "Drake Bell reveals a knack for charming, well-crafted pop tunes on his 2006 major-label debut, It's Only Time. Clearly a devoted Beatles acolyte, Bell offers up a set of tunes that (surprisingly, for a tween-focused pop celebrity) largely rejects slick modern production in favor of a vintage sound inspired by Abbey Road Studio, as best revealed on the sunny, shimmering "I Know" and the jaunty, piano-driven "Fool the World"."