Jennifer Love Hewitt is Jennifer Love Hewitt's third studio album that was released on September 3, 1996 by Atlantic Records.


  1. Cool With You 3:15
  2. No Ordinary Love 4:05
  3. (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away 3:58
  4. Never A Day Goes By 4:12
  5. Don't Push The River 3:37
  6. The Greatest Word 4:15
  7. I Want A Love I Can See 3:50
  8. I Always Was Your Girl 4:32
  9. Last Night 4:17
  10. I Believe In... 4:33
  11. Never A Day Goes By (Acoustic Version) 4:13
  12. It's Good To Know I'm Alive 3:02

Critical ReceptionEdit

Allmusic wrote: "The tracks on this album are all R&B-flavored pop and adult contemporary, and, though they're slickly produced, they complement Hewitt instead of overpowering her. Yes, most of the lyrics are the usual teen odes to love, loss, and longing, but there's a maturity to them as well that transcends most cookie-cutter pop"

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