Lighting Up The Night is Jack Wagner's second studio album that was released in 1985 by Qwest Records.


  1. Keep Holdin' On 4:21
  2. Lighting Up The Night 3:54
  3. I'll Be There 3:58
  4. Just Tell Her 4:06
  5. Too Young 4:07
  6. Let's Start All Over 3:50
  7. If She Loves Like She Looks 3:14
  8. I Never Said Goodbye 2:56
  9. With Your Eyes 3:43
  10. Love Can Take Us All The Way 4:16

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Lighting Up The Night" peaked at #150 on the Billboard 200.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Charity Stafford of Allmusic wrote that songs such as "Keep Holdin' On," "I'll Be There" and "Let's Start All Over" are "fine mid-'80s soft rock."

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