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Limitless is Richard Marx's 12th studio album which was released on February 7, 2020 by BMG Records. It is his first studio album since his 2014 album, "Beautiful Goodbye."

Album Background

Richard Marx usually produces his albums by himself but this time, he worked with several different producers (all of whom also co-wrote a majority of the songs on the album as well).

Marx's son, Lucas was one of the producers who also co-wrote two of the tracks, (including the single "Another One Down").

About the creative process behind the album, Marx said: " I wasn't really sure what making a new album meant for an artist like me. All I knew was that I still write songs all the time and I realised I had a collection of songs I really liked. In my past, my only criteria were to write and record songs that pleased me, and hopefully other people would like them, too. So I returned to that ideology and dismissed any concerns of stylistic consistency and the next thing I knew, I had recorded a diverse album I really liked."

The album was dedicated to his wife Daisy Fuentes.


  1. Another One Down 3:13
  2. Limitless 2:58
  3. Love Affair That Lasts Forever 3:27
  4. Let Go 3:39
  5. All Along 3:17
  6. Up All Night 3:47
  7. Front Row Seat 3:28
  8. Strong Enough 3:36
  9. Not In Love 3:59
  10. Break My Heart Tonight 3:11
  11. Last Thing I Wanted 2:54
  12. This One 4:23

Chart Performance

"Limitless" peaked at #64 on the Swiss Albums chart, #77 on the Australian Albums chart and #91 on the German Albums chart, making it Marx's first studio album to chart overseas since his 2004 album, "My Own Best Enemy."

Critical Reception

The Herald Standard wrote that the album "spotlights Marx's strong songwriting and engaging vocals that remain unchanged after 33 years, proving time has been a good friend to him and that no matter what his fans do, he'll be right here waiting."

Red Guitar Music called it "a nice record with some expertly crafted songs performed by an artist with nothing to prove - who still wants to release records and tour."

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