Martika's Kitchen is Martika's second studio album that was released on August 26, 1991 by Columbia Records.


  1. Martika's Kitchen 5:09
  2. Spirit 4:38
  3. Love...Thy Will Be Done 5:02
  4. A Magical Place 4:41
  5. Coloured Kisses 4:37
  6. Safe In The Arms Of Love 5:09
  7. Pride & Prejudice 5:12
  8. Take Me To Forever 4:35
  9. Temptation 4:46
  10. Don't Say U Love Me 4:24
  11. Broken Heart 4:33
  12. Mi Tierra 4:37

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Martika's Kitchen" peaked at #11 on the Billboard 200.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Entertainment Weekly gave the album a "C", writing: "The caliber of backup people rallying around Martika this time does insure that her record bursts with more effective and catchy dance-pop than the Kmart-style club music of her debut. But we still don’t get a sense of Martika herself; her reliably randy image is just standard fare for the genre."

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