Measure of a Man is Clay Aiken's debut studio album that was released on October 14, 2003 by RCA Records.


  1. Invisible 4:03
  2. I Will Carry You 3:44
  3. The Way 4:06
  4. When You Say You Love Me 4:07
  5. No More Sad Songs 4:01
  6. Run To Me 3:33
  7. Shine 4:10
  8. I Survived You 3:34
  9. This Is The Night 3:32
  10. Perfect Day 3:52
  11. Measure Of A Man 3:58
  12. Touch 3:51

Chart Performance[]

"Measure of a Man" debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, with 613,000 copies sold during its first week (making it the highest-selling debut for a solo artist since Snoop Dogg's 1993 album, "Doggystyle" in December 1993).

The album was certified multi-platinum by the RIAA in November of 2003.

Critical Reception[]

Wade Paulsen of Reality TV World wrote that despite huge sales "Critics have ranged from strongly positive (Billboard) to mixed (Washington Post, which calls the CD a "likable album even without being a particularly good one", and Knight-Ridder), to negative (Associated Press, which refers to the song selections as "insipid"), to scathingly negative (the New York Daily News)."

Allmusic gave the album a three-star rating, writing: "Clay's earnest delivery -- somewhat sweet and expertly coached -- gives these songs a bit of innocence and believability, but the slickness of the whole enterprise overshadows his voice, particularly because his voice isn't all that remarkable on record."