N.B. is Natasha Bedingfield's second studio album which was released in the United Kingdom on April 30, 2007 by Phonogenic Records.


  1. How Do You Do? 3:41
  2. I Wanna Have Your Babies 3:36
  3. Soulmate 3:32
  4. Who Knows 3:46
  5. Say It Again 3:29
  6. Pirate Bones 3:46
  7. Backyard 3:26
  8. Tricky Angel 3:04
  9. When You Know You Know 2:50
  10. I Think They're Thinking (Interlude) 0:56
  11. (No More) What Ifs 4:05
  12. Not Givin' Up 3:48
  13. Still Here 3:56
  14. Smell The Roses 3:21

Chart Performance[]

"N.B." peaked at #9 on the UK Albums chart and was certified gold by the BPI.

Critical Reception[]

"N.B." received mixed to positive reviews from most music critics, but some criticised it for its lightweight content. In a review for The Guardian, Craig McLean wrote that the album has "nothing as catchy as Unwritten, the tunes are on the airy-fairy side of breezy, and the lyrics on the naff side of plain".

The Times called the album "patchy and disappointing" and gave it two out of five stars.

Marie Claire magazine said that "many of the tracks are forgettable", but that Bedingfield's "strong voice and eccentricities elevate her above many blonde and bland popstars."

The album was called "good clean fun, entertaining and inoffensive" by Yahoo!, but was also noted for its lack of risk taking and Bedingfield's decision to continue her "grown-up cartoon pop" rather than try something new and that there was little chance of it being considered a classic album.

However, reviewer Sheena McGinley was less impressed, and wrote that it was "too embarrassing to listen to in public", rating the album two out of five stars.