Nicholas Jonas is Nick Jonas' debut studio album that was released on September 5, 2005 by INO, Daylight and Columbia Records.


  1. Dear God 3:20
  2. Time For Me To Fly 3:30
  3. Appreciate 3:09
  4. When You Look Me In The Eyes 4:02
  5. Higher Love 3:59
  6. Please Be Mine 4:22
  7. I Will Be The Light 4:24
  8. Don't Walk Away 3:43
  9. Joy To The World (A Christmas Prayer) 4:27
  10. Crazy Kinda Crush On You 2:59
  11. Wrong Again 4:01

Critical Reception[]

Rick Anderson of Allmusic wrote that the album "is something of a mixed bag, and while the obvious temptation is to cut him some slack because he is, for crying out loud, only 12 years old, this also may be the best time to warn him away from some pitfalls that gape before him."