Noise From The Basement is Skye Sweetnam's debut studio album that was released on September 21, 2004 by Capitol Records.


  1. Number One 2:43
  2. Billy S. 2:14
  3. Tangled Up In Me 2:42
  4. I Don't Really Like You 2:54
  5. I Don't Care 3:36
  6. Heart Of Glass 3:01
  7. Sharada 2:37
  8. It Sucks 2:20
  9. Fallen Through 3:41
  10. Hyprocrite 2:57
  11. Unpredictable 3:09
  12. Shot To Pieces 2:02
  13. Smoke + Mirrors 3:23
  14. Split Personality 2:04

Album BackgroundEdit

"Noise From the Basement" was originally supposed to be released in late 2003, but it was postponed several times by her record label, first being pushed back to April, then May, and finally August of the following year before its official release in September 2004.


"Noise From The Basement" was subject to many comparisons among critics with Avril Lavigne due to their similarities (same nationality and resembling attitude), although Skye has described herself as being more "girly-girl" than she and mentioned that after hearing both albums, she could not find any real similarities between their sound describing her album as "Avril lite," "bubblegum Britney" and "manufactured skate punk".

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Noise From the Basement" peaked at #124 on the Billboard 200 and #4 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers Albums chart. In Japan, it peaked at #15 on the Oricon Weekly International Albums chart.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Johnny Loftus of Allmusic wrote that the album "doesn't dwell on weighty emotions, or prop its centerpiece up in entirely unrealistically sexy situations. It's not even down with being bratty, though that style's here like magic-marker doodles on the knees of Sweetnam's jeans. No. Instead of playing rebel, this one wants a widescreen teen movie rewrite of 21st century real life."


Three songs from "Noise from the Basement" were released as singles: "Billy S.", "Tangled Up In Me" and "Number One." The song "Superstar" was released as a standalone track on iTunes.

Prior to the release of her debut album, Sweetnam toured in summer camps in the American Camplified Tour, from July to August 2003. In September, she performed in some venues in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

She was also the opening act for Britney Spears' Onyx Hotel Tour and performed in the United States, Canada and Europe in the Spring of 2004.

About the experience, Sweetnam said: "I love catching people off guard. That's why opening for Britney was so great. I was playing for people who had no idea who I was and had never heard my music. And by the end of the set, a lot of them found themselves really getting into it."

Sweetnam was supposed to continue opening for Britney in the Summer, when the tour was going to return for a second round of concerts, but the Onyx Hotel Tour was eventually cancelled due to Spears injuring her knee.

Following the cancellation of the tour, Sweetnam regretted that it could no longer be used to promote Noise from the Basement, stating: "It was kind of disappointing (when Britney hurt her knee) because we had this whole media hype behind the tour. It would have worked really well for a lead up for my album."

In November of 2004, Sweetnam went on tour with Ryan Cabrera and praised the positive reception from the audience in both Cabrera and Spears tours, mentioning she was fortunate to open for artists with different musical styles.

Earlier that year, the track "Imaginary Superstar" was featured in the soundtrack for the film "Sleepover."

A shorter version of "Number One" was used in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) TV commercials; this version had different lyrics from the album version, being recorded exclusively for the campaign.

On August 5, 2004, Sweetnam performed in the Fourth Annual Pantene Pro-Voice Concert, in New York City. Starting that month, she was a featured artist on AOL breakers for two months, and was also featured in a series of magazines, namely Rolling Stone, Blender, Teen People and Teen Vogue.

Further promotion for the album was backed up by a live performance of "Tangled Up In Me" in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, a day before album's final release and Sessions@AOL live performances in October.

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