One in a Million (Aaliyah)

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The album opens with an "alarm call" from the jungle inspired intro track: "Beats 4 Da Streets" and it features commentary from Missy Elliot.
Throughout the intro, Missy repeatedly calls Aaliyah's name and tells her to wake up. She also mentions that ''“You’ve just now entered into the next level the new world of funk” ''while various sounds such as echoing amid bells, blippy synths, and heavy bass are playing in the background.
The second track, "Hot Like Fire" is described as a ''"panting minimalist controlled-blaze baby-maker''" with suggestive lyrics. On the song, Aaliyah ''"hums and moans promises to her new bae that his patience will be rewarded."''
The third track, "One in a Million" was described as an ''"ethereal club ballad with seductive trip hop, and drum & bass influences"'' and it features "''shimmering''" synths and crickets within its production. Lyrically, on the song, Aaliyah ''"communicates love and committment to her man."''
The fourth track, "A Girl Like You" is a hip hop inspired track with a ''"standard '90s boom bap beat"'' where Aaliyah ''"holds her own"'' against guest rapper Treach from Naughty by Nature.
The fifth track, "If Your Girl Only Knew" is a funk and pop-inspired song and has been described by critics as being ''"teasingly witchy."'' On the track, Aaliyah chides a man for hitting on her when he already has a girlfriend. The song features heavy keyboard and organ work along with live drums and a thumping bass line.
The sixth and seventh tracks "Choosey Lover" and "Got to Give it up" are remake covers by The Isley Brothers and Marvin Gaye, with the latter song featuring a guest appearance from rapper Slick Rick.
For "Got to Give It Up," Aaliyah places her falsetto "toe to toe against the liquid overlapping rhyme scheme of hip hop's ultimate storyteller Slick Rick."
On the eighth track "4 Page Letter" Aaliyah tells her ''"crush to keep an eye out for the mailman"'' because she has sent him a love letter; also on the song, she recalls and follows her parents' advice.
The ninth track "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" has been described as a ''"carefree anthem for the summertime block party".''
The tenth track "Giving You More" is described as a suggestive song with Aaliyah playing a ''"reassuring lover".''
The eleventh track "I Gotcha' Back" has been described as a ''"jeep-friendly"'' G-funk, mid-tempo song and it contains an interpolation from the song "Lean On Me" performed by Bill Withers.
On "I Gotcha' Back" Aaliyah is promising devotion to her potential boyfriend, promising: "''When no one else is there, with me you can chill."''
The twelfth track "Never Givin' Up" is a duet with singer Tavarius Polk and Aaliyah "''plays reassuring lover"'' on the song while the jungle inspired thirteenth track "Heartbroken" has been described as a ''"beautifully composed ballad".''
On "Heartbroken," Aaliyah is ''"tired of being the more loving one in a lousy relationship and she's tired of having her heart broken".''
The fourteenth track "Never Comin' Back" features "''Timbaland aping the sound of a live band vamping on a laid back groove, while Aaliyah does a call-and-response harmony routine with an imaginary concert audience over canned crowd noise".'' On the song, Aaliyah is ''"feeling used in a relationship, she stands up for herself and dumps the bum."''
The fifteenth track "Ladies in da House" features guest appearances from both Missy Elliot and Timbaland.
While the sixteenth track "The One I Gave My Heart To" is a power ballad with strong R&B and pop influences, where Aaliyah is ''"highlighting a broken heart and sense of betrayal."''
In a review by Billboard the producution of the song was described as having a "''careful balance of straight ahead pop and R&B sensibilities in producer Guy Roche's instrumental arrangement".''
The final track on the album is "Came to Give Love (Outro)" and it features Timbaland.
===Album Artwork===
===Album Artwork===
The artwork and overall packaging for "One in a Million" was shot by Marc Baptiste. Prior to shooting the album packaging, Baptiste photographed Aaliyah's cover shoot for "Seventeen" magazine.
The artwork and overall packaging for "One in a Million" was shot by Marc Baptiste. Prior to shooting the album packaging, Baptiste photographed Aaliyah's cover shoot for "Seventeen" magazine.
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