Out of the Blue is Debbie Gibson's debut studio album which was released on August 18, 1987 by Atlantic Records.

The album received favorable reviews from music critics and sold more than 3 million copies in the United States (3 times platinum by the RIAA) and 5 million copies worldwide.


  1. Out Of The Blue 3:55
  2. Staying Together 4:07
  3. Only In My Dreams 3:54
  4. Foolish Beat 4:25
  5. Red Hot 3:54
  6. Wake Up To Love 3:42
  7. Shake Your Love 3:44
  8. Fallen Angel 3:43
  9. Play The Field 4:37
  10. Between The Lines 4:42

Album BackgroundEdit

Debbie Gibson personally wrote all ten songs on this album. As executive producer, Douglas Breitbart of Broadbeard Productions, Inc. (whom Gibson's mother had hired as manager five years before), assembled a team of producers from both New York and Florida: Fred Zarr, John Morales, Sergio Munzibai and Lewis A. Martineé.

Zarr produced the tracks "Shake Your Love" and "Fallen Angel" in addition to "Only in My Dreams," and co-produced "Out of the Blue," "Staying Together" and "Wake Up to Love" with Gibson as the sole producer for "Foolish Beat."

Morales and Munzibai produced "Red Hot" and "Between the Lines." Martineé produced "Play the Field".

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Out of the Blue" made #7 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and #26 on the UK Albums Chart. The album sold over 3 million copies in the United States and 5 million copies worldwide.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Steve Huey from Allmusic called it "some of the best teen pop you're likely to hear."

Robert Christgau gave the album a grade of "C+", writing in his review: "People think there's something cute about this schemer, but I ask you--is it really possible to be a self-made millionaire and the girl next door simultaneously? I'll take a Harvard M.B.A. any day. Paul Anka wrote his own songs too, and he had more of a flair for language. As for beats, well, I'm not going to argue with "Only in My Dreams" or "Shake Your Love." But the one she produced by herself is a flat-out dog."

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