Phases and Stages is a 1974 album by Willie Nelson, which followed the moderate success of his first Atlantic Records release, [[Shotgun Willie. Nelson met producer Jerry Wexler at a party where Nelson sang songs from an unreleased album he had recorded in 1972. The single "Phases and Stages" was originally recorded the same year. The album narrates the story of a divorce. Side one tells the woman's story and side two the man's.

Track listing[]

(All songs written by Willie Nelson).

Side One[]

  1. Phases and Stages (Theme)/Washing the Dishes - 1:42
  2. Phases and Stages (Theme)/Walkin' - 4:06
  3. Pretend I Never Happened - 3:00
  4. Sister's Coming Home/Down at the Corner Beer Joint - 3:46
  5. (How Will I Know) I'm Falling in Love Again - 3:27

Side Two[]

  1. Bloody Mary Morning - 2:48
  2. Phases and Stages (Theme)/No Love Around - 2:24
  3. I Still Can't Believe You're Gone - 4:15
  4. It's Not Supposed to Be That Way - 3:27
  5. Heaven and Hell - 1:52
  6. Phases and Stages (Theme)/Pick Up the Tempo/Phases and Stages (Theme) - 3:26