Read Between the Lines is KSM's debut studio album that was released on September 22, 2009 by Walt Disney and Buena Vista Records.


  1. Don't Rain On My Parade
  2. Crazy Over You
  3. Read Between The Lines
  4. Everytime You Go
  5. Saturdays And Sundays
  6. Permission To Party
  7. Distracted
  8. Unpredictable
  9. Don't Come Crying To Me
  10. Best Friends Forever
  11. Slow Motion
  12. Guitars Bass And A Drum
  13. I Want You To Want Me

Critical Reception[]

"Read Between the Lines," the title track and first single off the album, was named iTunes Single of the Week at the time of the album's release.

Billboard's album review refers to KSM as a G-rated version of the Go-Go's, but with the same "distinctive individual looks, spunky stage presence and monster riffs".

The review calls Avril Lavigne the band's "closest cousin", but with more punk energy, and says that "the act's rock rings harder and truer than Miley Cyrus."

Jason Thurston of AllMusic says "the five girls pull it off with panache, finishing the songs off with a 2000s teen pop gloss, or sometimes a '90s girl-ska-punk".

However, other reviews were not as favorable. While comparing the band's sound to No Doubt, lead singer Shelby Cobra's vocals are called "limited" and on the "worst squeaky side of Gwen Stefani."