Seiko is Seiko Matsuda's English-language album that was released in 1990 by Columbia Records.


  1. All The Way To Heaven 3:40
  2. He's So Good To Me 4:14
  3. Leave It Up To Fate 3:40
  4. The Right Combination (featuring Donnie Walhberg) 4:27
  5. Goodbye My Baby 4:02
  6. Who's That Boy 4:04
  7. With Your Love 4:20
  8. Everybody Feels Alright 3:23
  9. Halfway To Heaven 3:40
  10. Try Gettin' Over You 4:44

Critical ReceptionEdit

Justin Kantor of AllMusic pointed out some flaws in the album such as "middle-of-the-road production" and "mediocre vocal performance."

However, he wrote that the songs are "catchy and inviting, as best evidenced by the yearning "With Your Love" and the pensive "Try Gettin' Over You." On these numbers, Seiko's little-girl-quality voice shines through, contributing a certain innocence that helps the tunes run smoothly along. But on overly saturated productions such as "Goodbye My Baby" and "All the Way to Heaven," her otherwise pleasant tone only adds damage to the noise."

Kantor concluded the review with: "Overall, Seiko doesn't live up to dance-pop standards set by Madonna and followers such as Debbie Gibson and Exposé. Perhaps if the album had retained more of the elements of the singer's Japanese material, the results would have been more unique and consistent."

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