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Articles with images are read more often, shared more often, and perform better in search engines than those without images. Even adding a loosely related image can help.

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Yours Truly (Disambiguation) 0
Dirty Work (Disambiguation) 0
Albumpedia Rules 0
Anaal Nathrakh: When Fire Rains Down from the Sky, Mankind Will Reap as It Has Sown 0
Black and Blue (Disambiguation) 0
Bridge over Troubled Water (Disambiguation) 0
Brother Cane 0
Burzum: Fallen 0
Cars 2 0
Decade of Weight (Buzek Fintezt album) 0
Dire Straits 0
Fabriclive.37 0
Wildflowers (Disambiguation) 0
Featured Article Nominations 0
Misery (US-1): Production Thru Destruction 0
My Darkest Days (Disambiguation) 0
Need You Now (Disambiguation) 0
Pp-meta 0
Red (Disambiguation) 0
Snapshot (Disambiguation) 0
Strange Days (Disambiguation) 0
Tug of War (Disambiguation) 0
Up All Night (Disambiguation) 0
Albumpedia Chat Policy 0
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