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Stacie Orrico is Stacie Orrico's second studio album which was released on March 25, 2003 by ForeFront and Virgin Records.


  1. Stuck
  2. (There's Gotta Be) More To Life
  3. Bounce Back
  4. I Promise
  5. Security
  6. Instead
  7. Hesitation
  8. Strong Enough
  9. I Could Be The One
  10. Maybe I Won't Look Back
  11. Tight
  12. That's What Love's About

Chart Performance

"Stacie Orrico" peaked at #59 on the Billboard 200 and topped Billboard's Top Contemporary Christian & Top Christian Albums chart.

Critical Reception

"Stacie Orrico" received generally favorable reviews from music critics.

Steve Losey from Allmusic gave it a favorable review, giving it three stars out of five. He pointed out about Orrico "vocally the opus stretches her talents by delving into several tempo and mood changes that the 17-year-old embraces like a seasoned veteran."

He also said: "The astounding thing about the disc is that the grooves drip of dance floor sweat, maturity, and soulfulness while maintaining integrity and purity from America's newest diva/role model."

Bill Lehane from MusicOMH gave it a positive review. He said "This record, Orrico's second despite her tender years, is a beautiful album, and it packs a spiritual punch without alienating the average Aguilera fan. At least I hope it won't, because this contains some of the best solo female urban material in years. Does it matter that she's not singing about sex?"

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