Stronger Than the Truth is Reba McEntire's 33rd studio album that was released on April 5, 2019 by Big Machine Records.


  1. Swing All Night Long With You 4:43
  2. Stronger Than The Truth 4:11
  3. Storm In A Shot Glass 3:03
  4. Tammy Wynette Kind Of Pain 3:58
  5. Cactus In A Coffee Can 4:28
  6. Your Heart 3:58
  7. The Clown 5:07
  8. No U In Oklahoma 3:08
  9. The Bar's Getting Lower 3:28
  10. In His Mind 3:33
  11. Freedom 3:50
  12. You Never Gave Up On Me 3:59

Album BackgroundEdit

On September 18, 2018, Reba McEntire posted a picture on Instagram stating that she was back in the studio and told The Boot that "it's gonna be probably the most country album I've ever recorded."

She also described it as "real country" and was inspired by the music she grew up listening to."

In a press release, McEntire explained her inspiration and song selection, saying: "The response to Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope reinforced my love for recording songs that speak to the heart. So when I started selecting songs for this album, I stuck with that same formula – go with the songs that touch my heart, and hopefully when you hear me singing it, they'll touch yours too. That honesty once again revealed itself."

The track "Cactus in a Coffee Can" was originally recorded by Jerry Kilgore on his 1999 album, "Love Trip."

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Stronger Than the Truth" debuted at #4 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart with 20,000 copies sold, making it McEntire's 27th album to hit the top 10 on the Top Country Albums chart.

As of July 2019, the album has sold 45,900 copies in the United States.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Allmusic wrote that the album's "deft, subtle blend of music and message" gives it "a lasting emotional resonance."

Sounds Like Nashville wrote: "What makes Stronger Than the Truth so compelling is the way McEntire lets her guard down, calling on powerful imagery and the portrait of heartache and loss to break down her own walls, much like the characters in these songs. She’s fearless in sharing her pain, challenging the listener to confront their own truths. Stronger Than the Truth is more than an album, it’s an exploration of raw emotions that are expressed through conviction and captivating stories, two of the many facets that not only make McEntire an institution in country music, but an unwaveringly strong woman."

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