TCG is The Cheetah Girls' second studio album that was released on September 25, 2007 by Hollywood Records.


  1. Fuego 3:28
  2. Uh Oh 3:14
  3. Human 3:53
  4. So Bring It On 2:59
  5. Break Out This Box 3:50
  6. Crash 3:35
  7. Do No Wrong 3:25
  8. All In Me 3:28
  9. Off The Wall 3:47
  10. Who We Are 3:04
  11. Homesick 3:30
  12. How A Girl Feels 3:30

Chart PerformanceEdit

"TCG" peaked at #44 on the Billboard 200, selling 126,000 copies.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Marisa Brown from Allmusic gave "TCG" three out of five stars, stating: "Despite her appearance in the 2006 film Cheetah Girls 2, Raven-Symoné is nowhere to be found on the group's third studio album, TCG (nor was she on their live CD/DVD, In Concert: The Party's Just Begun Tour, released earlier in 2007), which is actually their first actual record, the first two being soundtracks to the accompanying Cheetah Girls films. That being said, the trio doesn't seem to have too much of a problem continuing its brand of super-produced, hook-driven suburban pop that's been thrilling Disney Channel viewers since 2003, and there's not much to distinguish TCG from any of the Girls' other releases. Which shouldn't bother fans too much, anyway, as most are probably looking for this same kind of strong, catchy radio-friendly music in the first place." She finished by stating: "TCG doesn't push any boundaries, but that's not what it's trying to do, anyway, which means that fans of theirs should be pleased with the results."

Kathi Kamen Goldmark of Common Sense Media also gave the album three out of five stars, though gave a more mixed review. She wrote: "Though parents may be grateful for any CD that isn't filled with sexist posturing, and first graders will enjoy the clearly audible lyrics and danceable beats (Spanish-infused "Fuego"), there's a manufactured quality throughout that prevents three young women with obvious talent from strutting any real stuff. In other words, the Cheetah Girls get down on TCG, but not that far."

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