Take It All Away is Ryan Cabrera's debut major-label studio album that was released on August 17, 2004 by Atlantic Records.


  1. Let's Take Our Time 3:09
  2. On The Way Down 3:32
  3. True 3:24
  4. Exit To Exit 3:39
  5. 40 Kinds Of Sadness 3:23
  6. Echo Park 3:40
  7. Take It All Away 3:46
  8. Shame On Me 3:21
  9. She's 4:35
  10. Illusions 3:35
  11. Blind Sight 3:58
  12. On The Way Down (Acoustic Version) 3:19

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Take It All Away" peaked at #8 on the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum by the RIAA.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Allmusic's James Christopher Monger gave the album a four-in-a-half star rating, writing: "Take It All Away is as disposable as the pop genre itself, and Cabrera is the perfect proxy, but if he can ride out the fleeting fame and fortune that goes hand in hand with a big-money/radio-ready industry record, he might just have what it takes to build a career on his own terms."

Rolling Stone wrote that "Cabrera's themes are often rough around the edges, and ditching the multi-layered studio sheen for a more organic sound would have greatly helped in communicating them. "

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