Tattoos is Jason Derulo's third studio album that was released on September 20, 2013 by Beluga Heights and Warner Bros. Records.


  1. The Other Side 3:46
  2. Talk Dirty (featuring 2 Chainz) 2:57
  3. Marry Me 3:45
  4. Tattoo 3:26
  5. Trumpets 3:37
  6. Vertigo (featuring Jordin Sparks) 3:53
  7. Fire (featuring Pitbull) 3:36
  8. Side FX (featuring The Game) 3:29
  9. Stupid Love 3:34
  10. With The Lights On 3:11
  11. Rest Of Our Life 3:05

Album BackgroundEdit

In January 2011, during rehearsals for his then upcoming "Future History World Tour", Jason Derulo was practicing a stunt when he fell and broke his C2 vertebrae which left him in a neck brace for six months and forced him to cancel his first headlining tour.

He said in an interview: "I was not able to dance, I couldn't even really bop my head. It's the simple things that you take for granted — not being able to perform for that amount of time, and also knowing that it could be gone in an instant."

Derulo admits, "I wouldn't change the accident for anything because I've grown so much from it."

Derulo then decided to channel all of this creative energy into studio time, on writing and recording his third album. He had written over 300 songs, recorded between 100 and 120 of those songs for the album and had to narrow them down to 12 songs.

It was a very difficult process for Derulo as he states: "I wanted to be sure that the album was a roller coaster ride, that every single song was totally different from the last... I wanted to be sure this album was far different from that one, to make sure that the growth was present. I'm 23 now. I really wanted this album to be a direct representation of who I am. I didn't want to hide anything. This album, I wanted to tell a story."

In the United States, "Tattoos" was only released as a 5-track extended play; a full-length U.S.-exclusive version of the album titled "Talk Dirty" was released on April 15, 2014.

The new songs on the album include new collaboration with rappers Kid Ink, Snoop Dogg and Tyga while the album's production was handled by Timbaland, The Cataracs, Ammo, Jon Bellion, DJ Mustard, Martin Johnson, RedOne, and Wallpaper.

The album includes all of the singles released from the international album including "Marry Me", "Talk Dirty" featuring 2 Chainz, "Stupid Love", "Trumpets" and "The Other Side" as well as the duet with his girlfriend Jordin Sparks on "Vertigo" and four additional newly recorded songs.

=Album TitleEdit

On July 23, 2013, Derulo announced the title of third studio album would be Tattoos. The title of the album was inspired by the months of rehabilitation during the recording process after he injured his neck while preparing for his tour.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Live, when speaking of the album's title Derulo said: "Life altering experiences are like tattoos stuck to you for life... Some are more painful than others, some may be ugly, so we wish we could undo them. Some may be so beautiful that we want to share them with the world. But, they’re all part of the art that makes you who you are."

On August 8, 2013, just over a month away from its US release, after his performance on America’s Got Talent, Derulo revealed the album's official artwork.

The artwork is an illustration of Jason which shows a profile of his face, with designs shaved into his hair and the album's title written in ink on the side of his neck against a yellow shaded background. The front cover was illustrated by Kadir Nelson.

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Tattoos" opened on the UK Album Chart at #5 (which bested his previous album, "Future History" by two positions); however, on the UK R&B Albums chart, it failed to match "Future History"'s peak position of #1, debuting at #2 instead. As a result, it became Derulo's second highest charting album in the United Kingdom to date.

In Australia, the album debuted on the ARIA top 40 albums chart at number five, becoming Derulo's third top-ten album, and second top five album

"Tattoos" also debuted in the top twenty in several other countries, including New Zealand, where it debuted at number ten; Norway, where it debuted at number seven; Ireland, where it debuted at number fourteen; and Switzerland, where it debuted at number thirteen.

It also debuted outside the top ten on the German Albums chart at number 25.

Critical ReceptionEdit

"Tattoos" has received generally mixed reviews.

According to Metacritic, the album received an average of 49, based on 4 reviews.

Marian Tuin from the Examiner, called the album "a therapeutic expression through songwriting."

Digital Spy's, Robert Copsey summarised that Tattoos "may not be particularly bold or daring, but it's packed with enough hooks, singalong choruses and dancefloor-grabbing moments to make it a thoroughly enjoyable listen", rating the album 3 stars out of 5.

Caroline Sullivan from The Guardian, Also rating it 3 stars out of a possible 5, praised the album as a whole for its "clubby hooks." Sullivan went on to say that Derulo, as with his previous 2 albums, hasn't quite "figured out what to do about his innate romanticism", calling it "a battle between the lover in him and the priapic Lothario."

Rachel Keigley from the Sonoma State Star said the album helps bring out Derulo's more "sensitive side" compared to previous his work stating: "His songs come from the heart and it is evident he put his soul into each lyric."

She noted that although at times Derulo reoccurring use of auto-tuning is definitely evident in this album as with his previous efforts, she praised his "constant use of auto-tuning" which is a "style that Derulo uses to make his voice sound unique."

Keigly concluded by saying that the album "is filled with many hits that are catchy and will leave its audience with a euphoric feeling."

Writing for SoulHead, Yvorn Aswad agreed that during this time in the music industry "where electronic beats and auto-tuned voices are more tyrant than king, Derulo somehow manages to pull off those devices without weighing down the album. Instead he produces music that is auditory fun!"

Aswad called the album "bubblegum" and "airy" saying "It passes through your ear like an ephemeral substance, elucidating moments of audio bliss. And it works!." Giving the album a B+ rating Aswad summarized that the album "exemplifies Derulo’s joie de vivre, making for a pleasant listening experience!."

John Calvert of the UK magazine Fact gave the album its most negative review, giving it a 1 out of a possible 5 star rating.

Calvert called it a "disjointed hotchpotch of incompatible tones, styles and sentiment – a product of today’s collectivised producer system whereby long-players are constructed like playlists. A gallery of trending white noise pop tropes blur into one, merging then with the equally anonymous presence that is the nondescript Derulo."

In writing for PopMatters, Brent Faulkner had a more positive to mixed review of the album, rating the album a 6 out of 10, summarizing that it is "a pleasant album with some bright moments as well as some average ones. One of the pitfalls of modern pop is consistently sounding distinct and fresh, something that Derülo is a victim of. Essentially, Derülo hits enough jump shots to win the game, but he could’ve played better down the stretch."

AllMusic's Andy Kellman said that "Tattoos" wasn't necessarily more serious than his two previous albums; however, he said that it is "a little heavier on songs regarding monogamy."

He described the album as hardly "one a step forward", as most of the album's content covers a variety of songs about "devotion and settling down" there is still plenty of space for "content about short-term relationships."

Reviewing the EP released in the United States, Dimas Sanfiorenzo had a positive review, stating the songs are "pretty enjoyable" but that it's "nothing groundbreaking."

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