Thank You is Meghan Trainor's second studio album which was released on May 6, 2016 by Epic Records.


  1. Watch Me Do 2:50
  2. Me Too 3:01
  3. No 3:34
  4. Better (featuring Yo Gotti) 2:48
  5. Hopeless Romantic 4:05
  6. I Love Me (with LunchMoney Lewis) 2:48
  7. Kindly Calm Me Down 3:59
  8. Woman Up 2:29
  9. Just A Friend To You 2:45
  10. I Won't Let You Down 3:20
  11. Dance Like Yo Daddy 3:03
  12. Champagne Problems 3:42
  13. Mom (featuring Kelli Trainor) 3:15
  14. Friends 3:30
  15. Thank You (featuring R. City) 3:26
  16. Goosebumps 3:41
  17. Throwback Love 3:14

Album Background[]

In 2015, Meghan Trainor announced that she would be releasing her second album sometime in 2016.

She confirmed some collaborations with a variety of artists and record producers, one of them was the Virgin Islands duo Rock City.

Discussing her influences for the record, Trainor explained: "I wanted to go big, I wanted to get all my influences in there and show everything from my Caribbean side to my love for Bruno Mars and Aretha Franklin and even some Elvis vibes, anyone I grew up listening to."

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Trainor said, "It's definitely a Meghan Trainor album, but it's a more grown up, matured, intense Meghan Trainor."

In January 2016, in an interview with Forbes, Trainor confirmed that the first single from "Thank You" would be picked the week after, adding, "we're going to figure it out, and it's probably after all this stuff the craziness will start".

The album was made available for pre-order on March 4, 2016 on the same day as the release of the lead single "No".

The song caused the direction of the album to change, as Trainor and the producer Ricky Reed started experimenting with new musical styles and began producing six more tracks, replacing most of the original track list.

Chart Performance[]

In the United States, Thank You" debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 issued for June 4, 2016, with 107,000 album-equivalent units during its first week, including 84,000 in pure sales.

However, the album dropped to number eight the week after, with 39,000 units.

48] The third and fourth weeks resulted in Thank You dropping to number 12 and then rebounding to number 10 with 34,000 units to close out the top 10 that week.

The album remained at number 10 in its fifth week, selling 27,000 units. During its seventh and eighth weeks on the chart, it rose from number 16 back to number 10, selling 21,000 and 22,000 units, respectively.

As of December 2016, "Thank You" had sold over 282,872 copies in the United States.

Critical Reception[]

"Thank You" received mixed reviews from critics.

In a review for AllMusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote: "it's a deliberately youthful sound in an era that yearns for maturity -- but by working the same territory so carefully, the seams in her construction are difficult to ignore".

Spin's Dan Weiss wrote that the album is a "major step forward" from Trainor's debut album.

The Observer was critical of the album, writing that it finds Trainor "ditching her All About That Bass doo-wop shtick in favour of 90s chart R&B. Unfortunately, the core problem remains – Trainor just isn’t a convincing pop star. While the Britney-lite lead single No has its moments, most of the other songs are identity-free filler".

Chuck Campbell, reviewing the album for Knoxville News Sentinel, says: "Trouble is, she still hasn't arrived to 2016...Of course this wouldn't be the first time a 22-year-old hasn't yet figured out just who she is. So maybe her third release will give a clearer picture."

Glenn Gamboa, the reviewer for Newsday, writes: "'Thank You' shows how Trainor has become one of pop’s most skilled young stars at crafting songs for her image, but there is still room to grow."