The Cheetah Girls: One World is the soundtrack to the 2008 Disney Channel television movie of the same name that was released on August 19, 2008 by Walt Disney Records.


  1. Cheetah Love (Cheetah Girls)
  2. Dig A Little Deeper (Cheetah Girls)
  3. Dance Me If You Can (Cheetah Girls)
  4. Fly Away (Cheetah Girls)
  5. What If (Cheetah Girls)
  6. Stand Up (Adrienne Bailon)
  7. What If (Chanel)
  8. I'm The One (Cheetah Girls)
  9. No Place Like Us (Cheetah Girls)
  10. One World (Cheetah Girls)
  11. Feels Like Love (Cheetah Girls)
  12. Crazy On The Dance Floor (Sabrina Bryan)
  13. Circle Game (Kiely Williams)

Chart PerformanceEdit

"The Cheetah Girls: One World" peaked at #13 on the Billboard 200, #13 on Billboard's Top Digital Albums chart, #3 on Billboard's Top Soundtracks chart and #2 on Billboard's Top Kids Albums chart.

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