The Kids Are Alright is Chloe X Halle's debut studio album that was released on March 23, 2018 by Parkwood and Columbia Records.


  1. Hello Friend (Intro) 2:12
  2. The Kids Are Alright 2:48
  3. Grown (from "Grown-ish") 2:34
  4. Hi Lo (featuring GoldLink) 3:06
  5. Everywhere 3:20
  6. FaLaLa (Interlude) 1:13
  7. Fake (featuring Kari Faux) 3:29
  8. Baptize (Interlude) 1:06
  9. Down 3:19
  10. Galaxy 3:09
  11. Happy Without Me (featuring Joey Bada$$) 3:26
  12. Babybird 3:06
  13. Warrior (from "A Wrinkle in Time") 3:39
  14. Cool People 3:38
  15. Baby on a Plane 3:20
  16. If God Spoke 3:2
  17. Drop 3:08
  18. Fall 2:37

Album BackgroundEdit

Chloe and Halle Bailey began work on the album "three years ago, since before our EP, and before our mixtape."

In an interview with Time, the girls mentioned Beyoncé and Billie Holiday as inspirations for the record.

When asked about the title, Chloe said: "The title means so much to us; we’re speaking about ourselves as we’re growing into young women, telling ourselves we’re going to be OK. We’ll make mistakes and we’ll have obstacles, but we’ll overcome them. But then also in a general sense, with this generation and how the world has gone mad and all these crazy things that are left for this generation to handle, it’s just proclaiming that we will be alright no matter what, and they shouldn’t worry about us. I love being part of this generation because we’re not afraid to let our voices be heard, and we’re not afraid to speak our mind."

Chart PerformanceEdit

"The Kids Are Alright" peaked at #139 on the Billboard 200, #24 on Billboard's Digital Albums chart, #4 on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart and #100 on Billboard's Top Albums chart.

Critical ReceptionEdit

"The Kids Are Alright" received mostly positive reviews.

Writing for Refinery29, Courtney Smith stated: "Chloe X Halle write lyrics that address love, both universal and romantic, but do the latter from a place of power... It's a reminder to not underestimate or infantilize them simply because they are young."

Sydney Gore for MTV wrote: "Overall, this record is loaded with catchy bops, hardcore bangers and beautiful ballads with uplifting messages that will surely turn into anthems for various experiences in your personal life."

Briana Younger, writing for Pitchfork said about the album, said: "The Beyoncé-approved sister act are fearless on their debut album, reshaping pop and R&B in their own images until even the highest-profile co-signs seem beside the point... Listening to their debut, it’s easy to believe that if God spoke, she would sound like Chloe x Halle."

Pitchfork rated the album 7.6 out of 10.

Lauryn Marshall, writing for Lauryn Speaks wrote an in-depth song by song review of the album saying: "What I love about Chloe x Halle is their individuality. They are incredibly unique. They don’t really fit into any particular genre because their style and artistry is not one that is easily contained, it spills over genres as it is a true, heartfelt expression of their self-discovery, vulnerability and personal growth".

Lauryn Speaks rated the album 141.5/180 points giving it a 79% / C+.

Gabe Bergado wrote in a review of the album for Teen Vogue: "Within the first few minutes of listening to Chloe x Halle's debut album The Kids Are Alright, you'll be completely entranced by the sisters' dreamy vocals and electrifying beats."

Alex Zidel wrote for HotNewHipHop, saying, "[The album wows] many with impressive chemistry and an undeniable charm."

Also listing "Happy without Me" as an album highlight, he wrote, "In a pairing that not many expected would sound this beautiful, Joey Bada$$ and Chloe x Halle makes for a fantastic collaboration... Joey compliments the pair's voices as he raps seamlessly throughout his bars."

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