The Last Stand is the eighth studio album by Swedish Power metal band Sabaton. It was released on 19 August 2016. It was produced by Peter Tägtgren in Abyss Studios. Like Sabaton's previous album Heroes, The Last Stand is a concept album and takes inspiration from famous defensive "last stand" battles.

On June 10, 2016 the first single The Lost Battalion was released, followed by Blood of Bannockburn on July the 15th and Shiroyama on August the 12th.

Track List Edit

  1. "Sparta"
  2. "Last Dying Breath"
  3. "Blood of Bannockburn"
  4. "Diary of an Unknown Soldier"
  5. "The Lost Battalion"
  6. "Rorke's Drift"
  7. "The Last Stand"
  8. "Hill 3234"
  9. "Shiroyama"
  10. "Winged Hussars"
  11. "The Last Battle"
  12. "Camouflage (Stan Ridgway Cover)" (Bonus Track)
  13. "All Guns Blazing (Judas Priest Cover)" (Bonus Track)
  14. "Afraid To Shoot Strangers (Iron Maiden Cover)" (Bonus Track - EARBOOK edition only)
  15. "Burn In Hell (Twisted Sister Cover)" (Bonus Track - JAPAN only)
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