Tidal is Fiona Apple's debut studio album that was released on July 23, 1996 by Work Records and Columbia Records.


  1. Sleep To Dream 4:08
  2. Sullen Girl 3:53
  3. Shadowboxer 5:24
  4. Criminal 5:41
  5. Slow Like Honey 5:56
  6. The First Taste 4:46
  7. Never Is A Promise 5:54
  8. The Child Is Gone 4:14
  9. Pale September 5:50
  10. Carrion 5:43

Chart Performance

"Tidal" peaked at #15 on the Billboard 200. As of July 2016, it has sold 2.9 million copies in the United States.

Critical Reception

Allmusic's Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote that Apple "demonstrates considerable talent" and called the album a "promising and very intriguing debut."

He also wrote: "Most of Tidal is comprised of confessional singer/songwriter material, and while they strive to say something deep and important, much of the lyrics settle for clichés."

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