Vixen is Vixen's debut studio album that was released in September of 1988 by EMI/Manhattan Records.


  1. Edge Of A Broken Heart 4:22
  2. I Want You To Rock Me 3:28
  3. Cryin' 3:32
  4. American Dream 4:17
  5. Desperate 4:17
  6. One Night Alone 3:48
  7. Hell Raisers 4:25
  8. Love Made Me 3:16
  9. Waiting 3:09
  10. Cruisin' 4:23

Chart Performance[]

"Vixen" peaked at #41 on the Billboard 200.

Critical Reception[]

Allmusic's Rob Theakston wrote that "Edge of a Broken Heart" "blazed up the charts and usurped the throne from many of the macho hair metal dudes in all their spray and make-up ridden glory."

However, he wrote that "the rest of the album had the predictable, gratuitous power ballads, hard driving party tunes, and everything else in between that rock bands were pontificating about in the late '80s."