Voices Carry is 'Til Tuesday's debut studio album that was released on April 20, 1985 by Epic Records.


  1. Love In A Vacuum 3:34
  2. Looking Over My Shoulder 4:15
  3. I Could Get Used To This 3:02
  4. No More Crying 4:18
  5. Voices Carry 4:13
  6. Winning The War 4:03
  7. You Know The Rest 4:26
  8. Maybe Monday 3:40
  9. Don't Watch Me Bleed 3:26
  10. Sleep 3:40

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Voices Carry" debuted at #152 on the Billboard 200 and made it to #23 on the chart where it stayed for 31 weeks.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Spin described "Voices Carry" as "a pleasure, but not a revelation." and that "almost all the tunes are instantly catchy, if not especially inspired."

They also praised the groups vocalist stating: "In lead singer Aimee Mann they may have a star. [...] she has her own look and a voice that's evocative, thought not yet distinctive enough to stake out its own turf in the crowded field of female vocalists."

Robert Christgau gave the album a B- rating, stating that the group rolls out "synth-pop hooks like vintage A Flock of Seagulls, but Aimee Mann's throaty warble sounds almost human. And while the generalization level of her aggressively banal lyrics signals product, not expression, every one lands square on a recognizable romantic cliché."

AllMusic wrote that: "While most bands from Boston suffered from lack of production, Mike Thorne does a decent job on much of the album and excellent work on the title track."

The review found that "Love in a Vacuum" was "over-produced, creating a good album track when the true follow-up hit was actually in hand."

It went on to note haunting lyrics on "I Could Get Used to This" and "No More Crying" which "separate this recording from work of similar '80s bands".

The review concluded that "this album and its follow-ups should have had as much commercial success as the Cars, because artistically, they are equal to that band's dynamic debut."

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